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K12, College, University students can use LRNiTO to prepare for their next exam. Search for questions, practice answering them, evaluate yourself, and see correct answers. Study in groups, and take exams from members. Most exams are marked automatically and students will receive detailed report. You can then focus on where you need to improve. Our embedded social network tool is a very safe facility which allows users to form groups and study together.


Compile questions and answers and add them to your Question Bank. Build and take exams. They can be online or in printed form. Multiple choice exams are marked automatically. Receive reports on each student or exam taker and monitor their progress. Build groups from your students and focus on educational needs of each group.


LRNiTO can be used anytime, any where. Parents can get involved in their children’s education by observing their exam results and their progress. They can see where their child needs more attention and deeper learning and if necessary help.


People who work in regulated fields are continually evaluated through special subject tests. Professional societies and associations can add their question into LRNiTO question bank, and create tests and have them graded automatically. Professional people such as doctors, dentists, and nurses can use LRNiTO to learn and practice exams.


If you are publishing printed text books, you can complement your books by producing evaluations and tests of subjects and chapters within LRNiTO. If you are a digital book publisher we invite you to integrate LRNiTO into your textbooks and enhance quality of your books. LRNiTO supports both Left to Right and Right to Left languages. If you own and publish test banks, we invite you to work with us. Our secure commerce gateway, lets you offer and sell your assets.

National Exams

School Exit Tests, University Entrance Exams, and any large scale exam can be better managed by LRNiTO. LRNiTO can handle large questions banks, very large test taker population, and is very very fast. It is highly secure. Candidates may use it to practice for the real one.

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